How to find the best-used car from the ad

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When you are out in the market to find a used car, you may end up with frustration and disappointment. There are ranges of private sellers and thousands of cars. The irony is that most of them would be not appealing and useless. However, the entire process kills your time and effort. Hence, you must find out a way to find serious dealers to buy a car. You can find the same with mere ads they publish and your job will be half done with the ad.

Row of new cars on lot

There are certain columns in the ad that specify the authenticity and seriousness of the dealers. You can go through the ad and decided whether to go for it or not. Here are the columns that must be present in the ad.

Model and Car Maker

This is very important and most significant details required in the ad. It should specify the Model Number, Year of Manufacturing and the Car Maker. This will give you a clear idea about the car you are looking for. It must mention the location of the car as well.

Transmission Type

Every person has a different choice. Some love to drive the standard car and some automatic. The ad must mention the Transmission Type of the car so that you can decide to go for the car or not.

Current Mileage

You must know about the car mileage at present. This does not only ensure your running cost of the car but also gives you a rough idea about the engine of the car. The ad must have the clear details about it.


Engine Details

This is something very important. You must know the engine specifications of the car you are buying. It must clearly mention all the details about the engine at present. You must look for the capacity of the engine and other important details like the age of water filter, petrol filter, and others.


Repair History

The seller must enter the repair history of the car. You have to ensure that all the details of the repair of the car are known to you. The more the repair, the lesser will be longevity and performance of the car. The minor repairs are always acceptable but repeated major repairs must worry you as a buyer.



The availability of the documents required must be clearly mentioned. The certificates, Vehicle Identification Number, and other important detail must be available with the dealers and should be mentioned in the ad.


Offered Price

The quoted price must be available. You must ensure that the price is within an acceptable budget. The seller should mention the associated charges if any with the car as well. If nothing is mentioned, then it should be considered as nil.


Contact Number

The seller must mention the contact details in the ad. It is better to have multiple contact numbers with an email address as well. The fixed address of the seller where the car is located should also be available.


Once you have the details, then you can select the car from the ad and plan for a visit to the seller. This will increase the effectiveness of the search for the used car and save your time and effort.