Strob shows off the 8” model we made for him

                Link to Patrick’s You Tube page                            Link to Strob’s web page


Our Process

  Raw data from Strob, the yellow lines

     are errors and unclosed shells.

                                                                              This cut away shows the model is

                                                                                made of zero thickness faces

                                                                                 and is not solid.

              This is the fixed data, made solid and hollowed out ready for 3D printing


     Raw SLA before finishing

                                                                                 SLA Primed and ready for paint

      The final painted 8” models!


                                   The 12” Painted model!

Case Study


Indie director Patrick Boivin and CG artist Strob made a video called Iron Baby that went Viral on You-Tube.  The model that Strob created was a zero thickness surface model made in 3D Studio Max. They wanted to have a solid model made of it.  After being rejected by other service bureaus that have Stereolithography printers they found us.  We excel at manipulating data to make it solid and printable.  We do this for the movie and architectural industries. Below you can see our process and the raw SLA and primed SLA ready for paint.

Chris holding the 12” final painted model

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The making of ....

CG artist Strob made a video series of how he and Patrick made the Iron Baby film.  It is very informative and does a good job of showing how much effort was put into the making of this film.  These guys are really excellent film makers.

The Video!